Thursday, December 13, 2007

Why Nice Guys Finish Last ...

... because they are creepy and insecure. Well, at least this is the rationale behind a particularly well-written post from a woman who thinks nice guys are losers.

I have always thought of myself as " a nice guy". It is for that reason I found this post interesting. While I didn't read much of myself in it, I did find some things worth contemplating and re-evaluating.

There are particular days when I want to recapture a sense of self-worth by opening up a can of redneck and yell nasty colloquialisms at those who really tick me off. What other ways are there to capture (or recapture) one's sense of self and well-being?

Seriously though, we all need to face the reality that when it comes to love and other relationships, we must love ourselves first before we can expect to love others in a way that honors them. Otherwise, we'll meet the wrong persons who'll abuse us and we'll never find the intimacy and respect we deserve.

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