Monday, September 08, 2008

The Show that Changed my Life

This past Sunday, the long-running Broadway musical Rent, ended its 12-year, 5,124 performances, run. Of all the shows I've seen on Broadway, this was by far my favorite. The show has been rumored to be closing for quite some time...and each time, as the last show was scheduled, there was an extension. During one of its supposed closings, I wrote a post* about why I love the show so much. The love I have had for that show hasn't changed much and I still listen to the cast album on my iPod or watch the movie, that was made a few years ago about it.

Here is a song from the show. I hope you enjoy it.

(*Update: I forgot to include the link to my previous post although I had intended to do so but forgot to.)

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Gabe said...

Fun song, touching film. Saw "Rent" with my wife on DVD during Christmas last year. I don't remember exactly what happened with each character, but I remember being moved by their stories... they were so sad! I like the character who also plays a copy on Law & Order. He was cool.