Monday, October 20, 2008

Colin Powell: A Racist?

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Well, Rush Limbaugh is already implying that of him. With Powell's endorsement of Obama, A Town Called Dobson's comic creator has this to say about what we can expect from Powell's endorsement:

I was blown away by Powell’s endorsement of Obama and televised spanking of McCain and Palin. Powell has always had the ability to formulate his sentences in a manner that is plain spoken yet leaves no question about what he said.

John McCain sucks and General Colin Powell knows it.

What will the McCain response will be? I think he can only respond in one way and that is to start tearing down Colin Powell.

So here is my question, how long will it take for someone to call General Colin Powell gay, a Muslim or a socialist?

Limbaugh has already called Powell a racist, so socialist can’t be too far away.

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