Thursday, December 18, 2008

Obama Selecting Warren

If you're a daily blog reader, you've no doubt already read the stink about Obama selecting Rick Warren, the mega-church pastor at Saddleback Church to pray at Obama's inauguration. I have spent the day reading LGBT responses that all say the same thing..."We've been sold out!"

Personally, I am not as offended as most. Obama's a politician (and better than most, in my opinion). He makes his choices for reasons and from what the Obama folks have said, it makes sense they'd choose someone like Warren. I am disappointed that a UCC minister wasn't chosen and that an evangelical like Warren was favored instead. Still, it's all politics, right?

But then, I read a great piece written by Pastor Dan at Street Prophets. This post really hits home for me my feelings of angst but not over-the-top feelings. While I still have trouble with the GD cuss word, this post nails it for me. Seriously, if you haven't already read it, give it a shot. Maybe it'll hit home for you too.

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