Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Thinking of Closing this Blog

You know, I have been posting things on this blog for years now. I have had such a groovy affinity to it and have loved having a place where I can vent politically. Even though it's also caused me some pain (ne: when the search committee at my present church discovered and actually read older posts on here).

In another way, closing this blog may make me feel as if I'd be leaving a dear friend, saying goodbye too soon. I have enjoyed the comments, the debates, and the exchange of ideas. And yet, most of those things haven't happened in a long while. Blogging on here has lost a part of its charm and it's not as new and exciting as it once was.

Now that I am on Facebook, I find I have a place to vent or be fabulously political, if the mood hits. So, I have been thinking it's time to shut this thing down. I still have another blog (a church one) that'll keep me online and posting my thoughts and 'brain droppings' from time to time.

I'll make a decision soon, one way or the other.

1 comment:

David said...

Bo, I check in now and again, and am always glad to visit you through your blog. I know how much work they are -- mine is badly out of date. But it does remain a place to say something, sometimes.