Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Back from Vacation

I have been away in Oklahoma for my Christmas vacation. I actually thought about posting something to that effect but once I got home, I forgot that I, 1) had a job, 2) had 2 blogs, 3) lived in NJ, or 4) had any other responsibilities. I had such a wonderful time resting, visiting with my family, and enjoying Christmas.

One unique thing happened while on vacation: I had the opportunity to get reacquainted with a high school friend. We met at Chili's for a time of talking, eating, and realizing that growing older is cool as long as you have friends (both old and new) to share it with.

I had actually meant to spend time with several high school friends but I had acquired a nasty sinus infection and spent the remaining days of my vacation at home with a huge headache. Still, I had a nice time and I became even closer friends with my buddies Advil and Tylenol.

Now that I am back in NJ, I went to a clinic to get a prescription to buy the antibiotics to treat the sinus infection. Thinking about all the hoops one has to jump through (and pay others) irritates me to no end. However, I am off this morning to my pharmacist to get the medicine I need. Hopefully I'll feel better by week's end.

This morning I also have to get back to work.

And, I need to start posting things again on my blogs.


Matt said...

Dang I missed the Chili's dinner??? Oh well maybe a good thing with me being sick for all of the New Year's Holiday...Anyway, I did see your video on Google about "Out and Faithful", interesting stuff and good to know you haven't lost your twang considering you live deep in the heart of Yankee country...

Bo said...

I am sorry for not calling before I got sick- I kept saying, "As soon as this head cold passes, I'm calling Matt." (I was afraid of passing it along.) Turns out, it wasn't a head cold but a sinus infection.

About that video, Holy Cow! I just searched Out and Faithful on Google Video and watch that for the first time right now! I do remember the interview but forgot to follow up with it.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts about it.

Anonymous said...

Hi david- u write a really neat article. wish you were still home on vacation. your biggest admirer.

Bo said...

Thanks! Whoever you are, it's nice of you to say so.