Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Operating System Woes

Did you know that if an electrician, who comes to your church building to rewire all the electric outlets and power boards were to test the master on/off switch by turning it on, then off, then on, then off... and so forth... if the electrician did it without telling you and you watched your computer suddenly power down, then up, then down, then up... then that very act can damage one's operating system?

Well, this happened to me this week. I called technician after technician who promised that saving my data would be costly. Since I wasn't able to sign on my system with the damaged operating system not even letting me last this crazy screen telling me, "Sorry for the inconvenience, but your operating system has failed." And so... there I sat wondering if I select the PCrecovery button, what would happen.

I had hoped that perhaps I'd save some of my data.

Or some files somewhere.

And so, not wanting to pay the Geek Squad or the HP tech support folks an insane amount of money, I selected the PCrecovery button.

I guess I can now sympathize with those who've lost everything in a house fire. But to make that comparison would be unfair. I didn't lose any furniture or family photos. I only lost everything I did over the past year. I lost bulletins, sermons, special services, funerals, weddings, written correspondances, faxes, emails, contacts, email addresses, web links, cool nifty free programs that I'll never find again, pictures, pictures, and more pictures.

I lost everything.

Oh, but you say, "What about your backup drive? You did have one of those, right?" Well, the funny thing is that while I had backed everything up on my special HP personal media drive, I somehow backed everything up wrongly. I had saved four empty folders.


This is but one of the crazy January happenings that has happened to me. There are other ones. One in particular I am saving for a special rant as soon as I inform everyone involved exactly what happened. I'd hate for the church folks to read about it on my blog before I told them face to face.

But I do have good news. My bowling slump is over. Finally! I bowled well last night and it was enough to recharge my soul. Funny how bowling can recharge one's soul. It's kind of like golf. Golf can recharge the soul (when you play well).

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