Wednesday, October 10, 2007

It Wasn't Supposed to be Four

Okay, so I have had a string of bad luck over the past month. I won't bore you with the details but something bad happened on Sunday: my trusty old HP all-in-one printer died. I had it for almost 6 years and boy did it ever serve me well.

Just as I had printed my sermon for Sunday morning, I had meant to print one more minor thing. I hit my print button and it was then that my ol' HP began eschewing her death gargle and ultimately 'gave up the ghost'. Lights blinked, sounds were made, and messages flashed across my print screen. I tried everything I could to resuscitate her but it was to no avail. CPR be damned. It died.

Saddened by such a loss I began scouring the Internet for a new printer. I simply must have one at home and since I am not preaching this Sunday, I knew I had some time to find and make a clear decision. This afternoon, I made that decision: I purchased a Brother HL 2040 Laser Printer from Staples. What made this deal so sweet was that I only paid $69 and after I receive my $20 easy rebate, it'll only have cost me $49!!

I read the reviews of this cheaper laser printer and from everything I read, it averaged 4 - 4.5 stars, depending on what site you went to and how much of a moron that one person was who gave it a 1-star rating and lowered the average significantly.

I hooked up the printer today and let me tell you, it was so easy to install. And, it prints wonderfully. The paper tends to curl in a way that isn't really curling but more like light wrinkles. I guess the heat of the printer causes that. Still, its fast and promises to save me a ton of money on ink prices. Get this: a black and white ink cartridge for an inkjet printer costs between $35-40 a piece for approx 150 - 200 copies. The toner cartridge for a laser printer runs $69 for 2,500 copies. The price difference is completely astounding to me. And the printer only costs, after rebate, $49! Gads.

I bought it at Staples. If you're looking for a new printer, an extra printer, or just want to save some money, go here to get over there before this deal is over.

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