Tuesday, November 27, 2007

What, Me Greedy?!

Greed is so NOT the term for the new adsense advertising I have now installed on this blog. It is more like, if you'll give me free money for my posts, then "Heck yeah!!" I have been reading a few stories about folks making money by simply including Google's Adsense advertisements on one's blog. This morning, the Today Show featured stories of retirees making a decent subsidized income from Google. Google's ad rep even explained that in the last year, they gave away what sounded like $2 trillion dollars--but that can't be, right? My ears hear crazy things before my morning coffee washes away the last visages from my dreams.

Still, if they had said, $2 billion or $2 million, both would be fine with me.

So yeah, now I have Google ads on this site. One stream of ads runs at the top of the posts. Another ad box is at the bottom of my left pane that allows you to search Google. I'll let you know if I receive a whopping paycheck from Google.

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