Friday, February 08, 2008

Things NOT to Get Your Sweetie

Here's a great post about what NOT to get your special someone for Valentine's Day. It's both hilarious and thoughtful, at least to me anyways. ;)

Here are some examples:

For Him:

1. Avoid soaps, lotions, potions, anything that smells like candy. Unless it's actually candy.

2. Flowers. He just doesn't understand why you would buy him something that he has to a) nurture and b) nurture. If you simply must, a cactus might pass--but remember, he wants a gift that can take care of itself.

3. Unfun tools. Yeah, he gets it. You want him to shovel the snow. Do not buy him a shovel to drive the point home. (Large noisemaking power tools excluded.)

For Her:

4. Homemade coupons. Whether they're for dish duty, garbage duty, dinner, or something else, she's not likely to be impressed. Did your high school girlfriend even use hers?

5. A gift certificate. Step it up with something a little more personal--unless it's for 300 dollars and you can't wait to take her to the store and shop. All. Day.

12. Any gift you once bought for an ex-girlfriend. She will find out--and punish you.

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