Thursday, March 13, 2008

Cool Sponge Tips

When it comes to cleaning, here are two great tips to ensure that you really do clean and, not make things worse while thinking you're making them better.

1. To disinfect a dirty sponge, microwave it for 2 minutes. Be sure to wet the sponge to avoid a fire in the microwave.

2. Since so many of us buy things in bulk (sponges are so much cheaper that way), often we use the same color sponge for all our cleaning tasks. One nifty idea to keep the sponges noticeably separate is to clip the end of the sponge (or some other fancy cutting design) that you scrub the dog's urine stains out of the carpet with to differentiate it from the sponge you clean your dishes with. Great idea, right? This totally explains that funny taste I've had after washing my dishes. (Yuck!)

h/t to LifeHacker

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