Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Addictive Toll of Gaming

I found a post that talks about the addiction to gaming, the online world where you become particular characters and play against or with other ones. It is sort of like Dungeons and Dragons, the board game version of yesteryear (I am sure people still play it but I haven't heard anyone ever mention it in years).

The post I am linking you to is from the experience of one former player who "got out" while he could. This is one incredible story of the power of addiction. It could easily sound like the story of someone addicted to crack or gambling. But it is also easy to see what such online games are such a pull for those looking for an escape or an identity away from the one they foster in real life- in the World of Warcraft, you can become the superhero and wonderful person that you cannot be in real life.

Here is the post.

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