Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Ultimate iPod Accessory

Yeah, I know, I am such the geek having bought an iPod. They really are amazing mp3 players. I had to buy one (notice the imperative "had") after my former mp3 player bit the dust. It was only a 5 gigabyte player and the battery that came with it just couldn't keep up with me. The battery in it finally went Kapoot.

The newer iPod, the 30 gigabyte video player was the cheapest new iPod they were selling and that is what I bought. It has been wonderful and I've had hardly no problems in the 8 or 9 months that I've had it.

Well, by hardly I mean, that I haven't had any problems with the unit, per say (heh heh.. I said, "unit"), but I am trapped in the vortex of having to acquire all the fancy smancy accessories that you can purchase with it. So far, I have bought:

* an arm band iPod holder to use at the gym. Honestly, this has been the best investment (note the imperative "investment") so far because now I can stay on the treadmill or that other thing I can't remember the name of where you think you're cross country skiing while having a heart attack.

* an iHome player that I have at work that lets me slide my iPod into the player to play my songs. It doesn't have a remote control though; that was something I should have thought about but didn't.

* iPod sleeves (both the rubber and of the sock variety) that I thought would be handy but aren't because you have to take it out of either the silly rubber sleeves to "dock it" into any iPod player. And the sock versions are too slippery and the iPod easily falls out of one's hand.

* a really cool iPod carrying case (its almost like the one in this link, except that it's brown with a white stripe down the middle) that I use when I go into New York City. Nowadays, you have to hide your iPod when you're on the subway lest some freak tries to steal it from you as they dart from the train car.

* an iPod power adapter when you're away from home and need to recharge the iPod internal battery.

* iPod splitter cables that connect my iPod to my Bose Wave Radio. I found this to be a cheaper option that buying another iHome player for my living room.

See, this is nuts and addictive.

Well, now I have found the ultimate accessory for any iPod enthusiast. Unfortunately, I don't see myself purchasing it (honestly mom, I won't buy it!). Still, I found it to be both hilarious and kind of cool at the same time.

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