Thursday, October 12, 2006

It's a Crying Shame

For many of us raised in Oklahoma and who have now left there, we often come to the realization that there were some things that we took way too seriously. Football, for example, is one such thing. Now mind you, I still have friends and family in Oklahoma who continue to take it 'way too seriously' but then, there are times when it is necessary to do so.

Whenever Oklahoma plays Texas is one such necessary time. Being taught from a young age to value such confrontations, it isn't difficult to understand how easily it is for our emotions to get carried away and we collapse in a fit of utter hopelessness at the mere idea of Oklahoma losing to Texas. So you can sympathize with this kid when it actually happened. If you've actually seen the video of this kid crying his heart out, it's enough to affect you even more.

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