Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Where's the Snow?

I love snow. I love it so much that, in winter, I expect it. Having been raised in Oklahoma where winter has more ice than snow, I have grown to appreciate the beauty of the cold, white stuff.

I love snow so much that you can imagine my thrill last year, when having just began my pastorate in New Jersey, that we had the worst (or best) blizzard in history. It snowed almost 15 inches in one evening. I woke up and thought I'd died and gone to heaven.

Of course, shoveling the snow is not such a treat- and driving in it is certainly hazardous. Still- when it comes to experiencing beauty and winter, I love seeing a knock down white blanket of snow.

It is supposed to snow like mad today. Actually it was supposed to have already started but it hasn't yet. I have quite a few plans for my evening: a poetry night at church followed by an evening of bowling with NJ's best and most fabulous of bowlers. Driving around will be tough- but it'll be worth it.

I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve, who awakens at 3am in the morning and wonders if Santa has been here yet.

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