Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Yet Another New Diet

As anyone who knows me knows- the thought of gaining weight scares me. Being as tall as I am and understanding the reality that tall men don't have the longest of life spans and knowing that adding to the longevity of one's life bears in mind the need to watch one's weight, I am always concerned about being larger than is healthy.

Living in NYC, it was easier to maintain a healthy weight because you had to walk everywhere. And going up and down subway stairs and getting to and from anywhere, required long walks. Add going to the gym, and a person could easily maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

Moving to NJ, however, has had a dramatic effect on my active lifestyle. I purchased a truck, because you have to have a car in NJ. With public transportation no where near what it is in NYC, a vehicle is essential to getting around. And, with all the good cookin' from church members, well, let's just say that I have moved from a healthy weight to not as healthy a weight. I am 2 points into the BMI that screams, "You're overweight!" Go here to measure your Body Mass Index.

During the past year that I've lived in NJ, I have gained 15 lbs. Can you imagine that?! I am both shocked and scared. "When will it stop?," I ask myself. So, to help make it stop, I've been attempting a few weight-loss methods.

Here is a good picture to help explain my dilemma.

After taking some crazy weight-loss pills that both scared me and did me no good, I have decided to join Weight Watchers. Yes, me and a room full of older (and larger) women are journeying together towards thinness. A member of my church said she lost 20 lbs. with WW and that has given me encouragement that I too, might have a measure of success and thereby halt my dastardly weight gain.

I'll let you know how it goes- from time to time.

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