Saturday, March 17, 2007

Honoring ACT-Up

Larry Kramer, a playright and gay rights activist, was a founding member of Gay Men's Health Crisis and ACT-Up (AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power). He has been and continues to be a prophetic (and, appropriately so, an angry and pissed off) voice for gay and lesbian folk everywhere.

I've had a speech from him on this blog before and once again, you will notice that he is still as abrasive and in-your-face as always. The man holds no punches. Some folks contend that you either love him or hate him. He is offensive for sure. Without him, our world would be such a very different place. And a whole lot more people would be dead.

ACT-Up is celebrating their 20th anniversary and this week he gave a speech honoring the contributions of ACT-Up. The speech is available on video and, below the video, a written out transcript. The video looks homemade and has some annoying background voices. I watched the video while I read the transcript.

After the video and when I was done reading, I found myself inspired, saddened, and mad as hell. That is how a lot of folks feel after Kramer speaks. You may or may not feel the same way; but let me encourage you to watch and read. If you're gay, it may inspire you. If you're not gay, it'll give you an insight into gay life over the past 20 years--as well as some deep insight as to what some gay and lesbian folk are fighting for.

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Joe said...

I saw this speech mentioned on other blogs, but no links. I like Kramer, despite sometimes wincing at what he says. Thanks for the link to the speech. I think I'll take some time today and sit back and listen.

BTW, hope you're feeling better by now!