Monday, March 05, 2007

I went here, then there, and ended up with this

You know how you go one place and then somewhere else only to discover that you find yourself at a place no where near where you began? I find that I do that a lot. This used to happen frequently when I preached or taught something, so I have discovered myself using notes. Notes keep me on track.

But I don't always use notes. Take this morning for example. I started off watching a video online that took me to an Ellen episode that took me to a new video. On YouTube, I watched this motivational thing only to discover a cross reference to Steven Austin and the 6 Million Dollar Man and his search for the "secret" bigfoot. I watched that video (dang the nostalgia) only to see a video in the side bar featuring a Venture Brothers cartoon with Brock Samson when he met the 6 Million Dollar Man and Bigfoot (a parody of the previous video I just watched). Are you still following me?

Okay, so I watched the video of the crass Brock Samson and just laughed my arse off. It's pretty funny (assuming you like Brock Samson). If you don't, then you may not appreciate the humor.

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