Thursday, May 10, 2007

Boy as a Human Shield

Here is a shocking photo of a 13-year old boy being used as a human shield by Israeli soldiers. Just when you think a nation cannot sink to a greater depth in human depravity, one finds something like this and stands corrected.

Go here to see a larger version of the picture and read the story.


Huomiseksi said...

Hi Bo, darling--

I love your blog! (You & I are friends-- if you look at my blog maybe you can guess who I am...)

If I were you I'd take this article you quote with a grain of salt. It's from the Daily Mail, which is not a great paper. I think in England it's considered a step or two below a paper like our New York Post. The story may be an exaggeration, or even a fabrication.

Also, the article is already three years old. While that fact doesn't excuse the border police, it's evidence that at least they haven't reached a "new" low in their misdeeds.

Bo said...

Thanks for your comments and giving an update to that article. One would think that this world has enough "newsmags" like the Post, to think there is another across the Pond is scary.

Oh, and I have no idea who you are. Seriously. Give me more hints or email me. Do you have my email?