Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Finally ... Geez!

I received my monthly subscription to The Advocate magazine today. For pretty much all of this year and last, the magazine was getting worse and worse. I was definitely sold on the idea that I was not renewing my subscription.

And then I heard that I wasn't alone. Many people had grown dissatisfied with The Advocate. And so two months ago, there was a "house cleaning". A friend who writes for them told me that just about everyone there was fired or let go. Last month's issue wasn't too bad but it hadn't the zing that made it famous.

And then I received this month's issue. Wowsers! It is fantastic! It has great articles, solid reviews, and much diversity.

Kudos to you, you New Advocate you! If you keep this up, I'll keep my subscription for sure.

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Joemg said...

One of the possible reasons for the housecleaning is that the entire news corp it's a part of us is facing bankruptcy. Nothing like going completely under to motivate some changes.