Monday, April 21, 2008

Upgrade your Life

If you're a productivity geek always looking for a better way to do an old thing, then do I have recommend a book for you. Gina Trapani has written a gem, Upgrade Your Life: The Lifehacker Guide to Working Smarter, Faster, and Better.

In the book, you'll learn better ways to do email, organize your desktop, and get more done sooner leaving you more time for life's important stuff like going home earlier and spending quality time with your loved ones.

I am on Chapter 2 and have already implemented a new way to organize my emails and have installed Microsoft's new desktop search engine (Google has one, and is recommended in the book, but it scares me).

Anyways, check out the book. While you're at it, also check out This is the website from which the book is based and sign up for its daily threads. They're as good as the book.

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