Thursday, May 04, 2006

Brilliant Political Commentary

In an article entitled, "When would Jesus bolt?", reporter Amy Sullivan explains the battle some Republicans are waging to keep the Democrats from wooing evangelical votes. It also explains some of the tactics they are using, even lobbying to defeat pro-Christian resolutions, to ensure that America isn't confused about who "really" loves America. Here is a quote from the article:

Like an abusive boyfriend, Republicans keep moderate evangelicals in the coalition by alternating between painting their options as bleak and wooing them with sweet talk. You can't leave me—where are you going to go? To them [the Democrats]? They think you're stupid, they hate religion. Besides, you know I love you—I'm a compassionate conservative. The tactic works as long as evangelicals don't call the GOP's bluff and as long as Democrats are viewed as hostile to religion.

Read the entire story here. This is a long article but definitely a facinating read.

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