Thursday, May 04, 2006

Fancy Digs and Pesky Rumors up for Sale

Cary Grant and Randolf Scott, those two early fabulous leading men, once lived together for 12 years, as Cary Grant was rising to fame. The house they lived in is now up for sale for nearly $4 million dollars. Later as Grant was about to get married, he kicked Scott out and moved his new wife into the cool digs.

Rumors in gay hollywood abound regarding the "relationship" between Grant and Scott and the Hollywood machine who felt it was time their leading man began living the role he played in the movies. You can read a bit about the discussion regarding Grant and Scott's friendship, relationship, or whatever you want to call it over on Wikipedia by going here. I found this article quite facinating. In my mind, I think he is my favorite actor from the golden age of the movies. He was classy, funny, charming, and a really great actor.

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