Saturday, May 13, 2006

A New Passion

I must say, moving to the 'burbs has yet another wonderful thing about it. On Saturdays during the spring and summer, there are a bajillion garage sales.

Today, the town of Demarest, which is the next town over from where I am, compiled a list of 18 homes who were having garage sales. And, to help get folks out and about, they maintained a massive small town picnic gathering of local music, food, and a few vendors. All throughout the day, people went from home to home, from garage to garage, finding their treasures among other people's trash.

I went to about 7 garage sales and decided, when my truck was full, that I'd better just stop already and go home. I purchased a small shaker-like chair, a leather side chair, and a fancy asian-designed and patterned side chair, all for my living room. I also purchased a bright multi-colored 6 foot quilt and a wooden quilt/blanket rack (the rack needs to be painted). I also bought two wicker baskets. I bought all this stuff for about 40 bucks.

The way I am figuring it, I only need the following furniture items left in my house:
two dressers (which I'll get from Ikea), two nightstands (my old ones will go in the spare bedroom for the spare bed), and a server table in the dining room. I am hoping the server table will have lots of storage drawers. I am thinking of getting an island for the kitchen, but that isn't necessary for my well-being just yet.

Speaking of the island in the kitchen, Roy said a few weeks back when I told him I wanted one, he said, "Ummm, in your old kitchen in Manhattan you had one 3-ft long counter top that you did all your cooking and dinner prep on; here in your new house, you have four - 2 and a half feet counter tops. Do you think you can make do?" He was, of course, being a smart allek. So yeah, he has a point. I don't need an island in the kitchen or a new Martha Stewart china cabinet for that matter either. But hey, wouldn't it be nice if I did get them? Maybe I could find something like them at a garage sale. ;)

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