Wednesday, July 26, 2006

It Couldn't've Happened to a Nicer Guy

So there I was, doing work at the office when I heard that familiar 'ping', Microsoft Outlook's way of letting me know I had new email waiting for me. Moving my mouse to stop the screen saver, I clicked on my daily news email from The Advocate only to discover what everyone else has been talking about in one of those 'matter of fact' kind of ways.

"Oh yeah, sure, he's gay. Everyone knows that already, right?" I sometimes just don't get it; or, I am thinking I am wanting someone to be gay when they might not be. I mean, I hear straight people say as if exasperated whenever a gay man is thinking a celebrity is gay, "For crying out loud, not everyone is gay! Get over it already." And then, something like this happens and suddenly, the game is afoot yet again. Everyone is now speculating on a host of other handsome or, 'too pretty' men in Hollywood. At present, another man who is a contender for being gay is the young Darth Vader himself, Hayden Christensen.

Anways, just to let you know, Lance Bass, of 'NSync, came out. You can read the exclusive story at People Magazine here.

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