Thursday, July 13, 2006

Netflix to the Rescue

This coming Sunday the church will be wrapping up its study of Christine Pohl's book, Making Room. We have been reading through it as we have discovered how men and women have interpreted what it means to offer hospitality (both as entertainment and as a means of survival). It has been a wonderful study and I am glad we have done it.

After we finish the book and later that night, I have invited the readers to the parsonage to watch the movie, "The Spitfire Grill". The movie is about a young woman, who is just released from jail, as she is taken in by the generous hospitality of a matronly townslady to help her run The Spitfire Grill. It's a great movie and will highlight the importance of hospitality.

But in order to actually get this movie in a timely manner and NOT be dependent upon Blockbuster's having the movie and renting it just in time to return it in time, I have decided to do the 2-week free trial offer of As you probably know, Netflix lets you watch movies sent by mail. When you're done watching the movie, you send it back in its self-enclosed stamped envelope. When the copy receives the movie back, they'll send another movie (at least, that is the subscription level I signed up for). You can actually have them send you 2, 3, or more movies at a time. There are no late fees but you won't get your next selection until they have received the former ones.

It all sounds nice and clear cut. I am starting to worry though; I ordered the movie yesterday and it hasn't even been shipped yet. I sure hope I get the movie in time. Otherwise, I'll have to scout out the Blockbusters around the county scouring up the movie.

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