Wednesday, December 06, 2006

10 Verses Never Preached On

I found this over at It is a list of verses that you probably haven't ever read either. It sure makes for an interesting conversation. What is also almost as good a read are the replies to this post. Some of the posters are atheists and others are disgruntled Christians (and probably young) both men and women.

I am thinking that their responses to these verses isn't so far out of whack--esp since those who adamantly proclaim the Bible as truth in every word and detail rather than a book of how men and women have interpreted their faith and tradition. The former needs answers to these odd verses, the latter understands that people do crazy things in the name of God and not all of it is good (or even godly).

Have a looksee and see how you might answer a 12th grader who is looking to you to explain the texts.


RevJen said...

The link doesn't seem to work.

Bo said...

Hmmm.. it works on my computer using both the Firefox and IE browsers.

Joe G. said...

Yes, the links worked for me, too.

Going over the list I was ashamed at knowing of at least five of those verses being used in sermons while I attended a fundamentalist church when I was a high school and college student. Especially the one about Onan spilling his seed = no masturbating!

Great list and comments, too.

Bo said...

You know, Joe, I cannot remember ever hearing any of those verses preached. Now, I do remember hearing a few of them while in youth chapel but my youth minister didn't take them too seriously. As students, we would laugh at them as any adolescent would do.

Pastor Peters said...

Bo, you went to Union. You can exegete the hell out of these texts without blinking an eye. I have every faith.

One of my faves in seminary was about that passage in Mark. Preached as a coming out story. Take back the Word, baby!

Bo said...

Oh I know, Elsa, I am just passing along 'food for thought'. I love things like this.