Tuesday, December 19, 2006

New Life on a Witch Hunt

The church Ted Haggard used to pastor has asked its members to "blow the whistle" on others who have been guilty of sexual indiscretions and other misdeeds. Asking such a thing makes one wonder exactly which sins will outweigh the other ones.

I wonder if they'll go after the gossipers? Or those who lie on their income taxes? Or those who tell "white lies" to make others feel better?

Such a pursuit makes me think of the conversation Jesus had with the religious leaders who were about to stone a woman caught in adultery when Jesus said to them, "Let him who is without sin, cast the first stone." Everyone put down their rocks and walked away.

You'd think a church like New Life would know better. It is unfortunate that they do not.

Oh the mess they are going to create for themselves all in the name of purity and righteousness. You see, everyone who names someone will be thinking that their sins are not anywhere near as bad as the one they are ratting out. It's like what George Carlin says, "Everyone who goes faster than you do on the highway is crazy; and anyone who goes slower than you is an idiot."

The subjectivity of sin: now THERE is something to really preach about.

Go here to read the story.


Anonymous said...

hey dude, great talkin' to ya

Paul said...


You are one of the very few people I know who can say something about the Christian faith and use a George Carlin quote as supporting evidence.

Bo said...

Ummm.. thanks?

He says some pretty insightful things, in my opinion. Unfortunately, he sometimes says them in the most crass of ways.

Paul said...

Don't worry. It was a compliment. I laughed.