Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Using Fear to Court Votes

I just read a post that Sen. John McCain is introducing legislation to control blogs and the commentors on each site. Saying that comments to some blogs may cause children to be victimized (although offering no proof that has ever happened), he is using fear to justify censorship.

You know, ever since I read in the news that McCain was courting the Religious Right through Jerry Falwell, I've lost some respect for the man. Especially when there was a time when McCain had 'no time' for them and called people like Falwell 'agents of intolerance'. But now that he's considered a presidential contender, he goes and kisses up to hardliners to earn their endorsement and hopefully the votes of their constituents.

How does limiting blogs continue my dislike for the man? By simply using the same techniques those on the Religious Right use to justify their intolerance--by employing the strategy of scapegoating. Blame the blogs and the hearer immediately thinks of or some internet porn site and suddenly everyone without a brain can say, "Yeah, if we get rid of blogs, we'll get rid of evil."

And yet, blogs have become quite something else entirely in the world of journalism, free speech, and accountability. Get rid of or limit their influence, and you can go back to the same control of information that existed before the blogging revolution. With all the major networks owned by a few big corporations or persons, I'll bet they may be lining McCain's pocket with campaign funds in order to push legislation like this through. Perhaps this is why he's been spending so much time reaching out to such big business.

Go here to read the post. There are links at the site that'll let you read further into the legislation.

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