Monday, December 11, 2006

Very Interesting Podcast

In my previous post, I mentioned to you about a very unknown evangelical pastor, Rev. Paul Barnes, who was outed and had to resign his pastorate when his homosexuality became known.

In following some links about this situation, I came across a podcast in which he addresses Ted Haggard's situation last month, before his own sexual orientation was revealed. And what he says, is a very kind and honest thing as well as very foretelling of his own situation.

My heart goes out to this guy.

While everything he says isn't 100% spot on, it is, in the very least, extremely gracious. And you can hear him pouring out his heart. Go here to listen to this. You'll be glad you did.

[Update: It seems the podcast has been removed from his website; so you cannot listen to it anymore. But you can go here to a story by the Denver Post who did hear it and wrote an article about it.]

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Joe G. said...

Unfortunately, it looks as if the church pulled the podcast from its site since the story broke. Oh, well.