Thursday, September 20, 2007

adding cool categories

As some of you know, I now run two blogs: this one and the one at church. The church one consists of religious, spiritual, and church happening posts. There you'll find my devotional thoughts and what not and those thoughts are directed to the church, church visitors, and others involved in religious dialog. This blog is reserved for my political and religious rants as well as trivial posts about new programs, ideas, or fun stuff I find on the web. Unfortunately, because I have separated the religious devotional element from this blog, I am finding it's not as structured or organized as I would like.

So, I have decided to create some categories (as I have seen on other blogs) to give this blog some more shape. I also want to make it more organized so that it has a specific purpose rather than just a hodgepodge of sometimes interesting and sometimes not interesting posts. And, when I throw a personal post in (like I did last night), it can seem so out of place that the blog appears 'uncomfortable' and perhaps a bit creepy.

Okay, so I am on a personal mission to 'de-creep' and organize this blog so that I can still post personal posts as well as informative ones. When I have more of a structure determined, I'll post more about it.

Do you have a recommendation for particular categories? Here are some I've been thinking of:
Who Knew?!
Tech and Gadgets
Boring but Important
Watch Out!
Political B.S.
What Is Up With That?!* (Added after a recent post)

I will also prolly be redesigning the blog itself. I'll see what Blogspot has to offer or I may find a template from another source to put here.

Change is good, right?
And, it'll get a lot easier beginning next week when I'll have my desktop computer back from the shop. It's actually ready now but I'll need to reinstall all of my fun and productive software. In truth, typing on my laptop is more of a pain when it comes to writing sermons or posts for blogs.

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