Thursday, September 20, 2007

Ex-Gay Report

There has been the release of an official sounding 'ex-gay report' meant to tout the success of particular ex-gay therapies. The report that was paid for and issued by the ex-gay folks is problematic on so many levels. Go here to read a story about the report. Go here to reserve your copy of the study at your local bookstore. Go here to read yet another example of an ex-gay leader arrested for seducing his students. Go here for one person's commentaries against ex-gay therapies.

Even though the report looks kind of pathetic given the low 'success rate', many who are citing the report are gleeful because if only one person can change, then they surmise anyone can. What they are NOT touting is that the only hope for many who go through the program have is a life of celibacy coupled with continued same-sex desire or unique definitions of heterosex AND homosex desire within any one person that boggles the mind. This is a far cry from a complete change from homosex to heterosex desire that many who seek the services are desiring in the first place. And, according to this study, some folks even had an increased desire for homosex AFTER completing the course. What is up with that?! (Say, how's that for an additional category for this blog?)

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