Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Danger! It's THEIR Fault!

I hate it when new reports spread a new threat and zero the blame on a scapegoat that others deem acceptable to blame. It's all a vicious cycle and continues at the expense of fear, shame, and 'them gays'.

The newest Danger Report seems to imply blame to all gay men for the spread of a drug resistant staph infection. In the report (you can read it here), gay folks who have the sex drives of wild dogs are blamed for giving to the general population a new virus that is untreatable with current medication. The report cites that it is probable and possible that gays are to blame and yet, everyone is treating this as fact and using it as one more excuse why we're all irresponsible and selfish.

Thanks God Pam Spalding's blog posted a clear response that addresses this issue correctly. It appears that his drug resistant staph infection has been going on for awhile and that hospitals are largely to blame for not addressing the situation caused by gay and straight folk alike. You can read another post from a different blog that also cries afoul.

Sure, such a legitimate response doesn't help the right-wing fundies proclaim to the masses, "You see, them gays are irresponsible and their lifestyle is deadly--so they don't deserve affirmation and spiritual support--all they care about is pleasing themselves at everyone else's expense." But that's what they're counting on--and to read the left-wing blogs, there are too few voices out there challenging the homophobic danger mantra currently in full swing.

Go here to read a more balanced medical response to the infection.

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