Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Wanna Hear Something Funny?

I have been spending time now that the Christmas season is past writing 'thank you notes' to those in and around my church who gave me gifts over the holidays. Some folks gave me doggie treats for Maggie. Others made cookies. One gave me a nice candle and another person gave me a shirt. This week, I finished writing all my thank you notes and dropped them in the mailbox. All except one gift, that is. I had no idea who sent it.

Upon explaining my query to my secretary, she informed me: "Oh that, yeah, the funeral home sent it." I responded, "The funeral home sent me two boxes of red and white wine?!" Suddenly I felt like what my doctor (or senator) must feel like when pharmaceutical companies (or lobbying groups) give gifts of appreciation. A part of me is curious about this knowing that funeral homes make some of their money through the churches who recommend them to their dying church members. Another part of me said, "Woo-hoo!! I love wine!"

I actually haven't met the folks at funeral home located in the town south of me yet. I have met the funeral home folks in the town west of me. I should stop by. Perhaps I could drink an entire bottle first, stagger in, and say, "Daaaaang, it smells like someone died in here." Perhaps I shouldn't do that, I might not get anymore wine next year.

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