Wednesday, August 02, 2006

How much do I miss NYC?

Read this sermon and you'll know.

Judson Memorial Church has a new pastor, the Rev. Donna Schaper. Judson's former pastor, the Rev. Dr. Peter Laarman is now the executive director of Progressive Christians Uniting. You can read some of his blog posts over at Huffington by going here. I used to attend Judson Church prior to my ordination and subsequent position at Broadway UCC. I loved the social justice emphasis in sermons and personal discussion. And, I loved the fact that Judson participated in real gutsy ministry. Their needle exchange program is but one example.

Now Judson has a new pastor. Rev. Schaper has an incredible reputation. She is both gutsy and well grounded. And, from what I hear, she's one fun lady to be around. I haven't met her yet or heard her preach. But I am still on the Judson mailing list and her sermons are often included in their monthly newsletter. You can also read her sermons online.

If you want to read a gutsy sermon on love, marriage, and gay equality, follow this link. She is a married heterosexual and she is one heck of an ally if there ever was one to have.

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