Thursday, August 31, 2006

Positive Press on Iraq is Aim of US Contract

At first I thought this was an article-spoof from The Onion, the satire laden newspaper. Instead, the article is very real. The United States military is looking for a company that will only relay positive news regarding the harsh war in Iraq. It seems our government would prefer to censor the public with a positive spin rather than a more realistic look as to the realities of war.

I guess when it comes to soldiers getting killed, civil war breaking out, and the unpopularity of our presence in Iraq by everyone else, there comes a time when better news is better than bad news. I guess it should not be considered a coincidence that the upcoming elections and the reality that many people are sick of the Republican led White House, Congress, and Senate should play into the pursuit of a better spin on war. The Republicans stand to lose many seats indeed.

So what better way to mislead us (more than we have already been misled) than to cook the news and serve it sweeter. Look for these upcoming headlines in your local newspaper soon:

War is Rosey: Sunnis and Shi'ites are Exchanging Hand Grenades for Flowers

Blood-bath? More like Bubble-bath. Local pools are now laden with bubbles and suds as children giggle through the war.

Al Qaeda Misunderstood, They Actually Think like We Do (okay, so this may have double meanings)

Disney to Open Theme Park in Baghdad; Everyone Cheers!

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