Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Tonight is my first league game of bowling. I joined a bowling league last week and am poised to become New Jersey's new bowling sensation. [end of wittiness] Actually, I did join the bowling league and beginning tonight at 9:00pm, I will gather with countless other amateur and not-so amateur bowlers for an evening of fabulous revelry. Oh.. did I mention I joined a gay and lesbian bowling league?

It seems the bowling alley I will be playing at hosts New Jersey's Gay and Lesbian Bowling League, where men and women and myn and womyn (or other such unidentifiable gender expressions) meet each week from September through May. The entire bowling alley, all 50 lanes, is for the NJGLB Association. I am pretty excited about it.

Actually I am hoping to meet more lesbians. I was pondering the other day that while I know several lesbians, I am not as close to many of them as I would like. I mean, I think every man needs to know someone who knows how to operate power tools safely, can stand up for you if situations appear scary, or someone who can rightfully put you in your place when you get to big for your britches.

And, I think that since Rosie is now on The View, today should be an annual event for everyone to Find Their Own Lesbian. I'd take dibs on Rosie, but I am sure she's already called for by half of the Chelsea boys in New York.

[Author's Note: It was not my intention to defame or insult any or all lesbians with the writing of this post. Actually I hold them (or you) in the highest regard and think it's dang well time that men everywhere (gay and straight alike) affirm and thank you for your valuable contribution to any and all things. So please don't read this post and decide to go and kick my butt. Thank you.]


RevJen said...

Well, I'd kick your butt but a) I'm not a lesbian, so the invitation doesn't apply and b) I can't kick that high!

Matt said...

Fortunately I have my wife for the running of the power tool running. If I did that, there might be a finger on the concrete. Go get 'em on the lanes and remember the best way to convert the 7-10 split is to put a mop or broom handle between 2 balls and you're good to go.

Bo said...

RevJen, while you're not a lesbian, you can operate powertools, right? Maybe I oughta refine what I am looking for. Perhaps, I should just look for "strong women" and allow the chips to fall where they may. [smile]

And Matt, are you the Matt N. I went to high school with? If so, thanks for stopping by!

Matt said...

Yes it is and I failed to add...When it comes to bowling...Win if you can, lose if you must but cheat at all costs...

Bo said...

Welcome kind sir, glad to have you here.

And, unfortunately I am not canny enough to cheat. I think I'll need to round up a catty and witty team mate to assist me in that endeavor.