Friday, September 22, 2006

Bingo Night

I tell you, I had a great birthday. First, I woke up and I wasn't dead. Turning 41 can be a scary thing but alas, I was feeling as good as the night before I went to sleep.

On Tuesday, my birthday, I practically did what my mom always did on my birthday. Normally during my school days, mom let me stay home from school. When I was even younger, she and I would often go to the zoo or do something fun together. This past Tuesday, I relived my youth and stayed in bed until about 10:00am. And for the rest of the morning and early afternoon, I watched tv and basically did nothing until the guilt finally set in.

Once my guilt set in, I went and visited a church member undergoing physical therapy and stopped in at the office for a few hours. But checking my clock, I didn't stay long. I had to get to my bowling league. My teammates and I have named ourselves the 'Pin Flamingos'. We were going to call ourselves the Pink Flamingos but decided Pin Flamingos sounded more funny and tied in with our bowling.

After bowling some decent scores, I left and made it to my usual Bingo game hosted by the Fabulous Big Blanche. Bingo is only every other week, so I have to wait two weeks in between games. The last time I played I won a DVD player (I think I blogged about that already). On Tuesday, I won this ice cooler! Is that hilarious or what? Everyone just groaned when I hollered out the loudest Bingo! you've ever heard. I tell you, sometimes I can be such a dork. A good natured dork, but a dork nonetheless.


Paul said...

Happy birthday, Bo! By the way, I knew you when you were younger. 10am was not sleeping in for you. More like 1pm. ;)

That ice chest is hideous (I'm sure in a fabulous sort-of way).

Bo said...

Thank you, kind sir. I actually get up so early most days that I am actually enjoying it (which is so freaky I don't know how to respond).

The ice chest actually looks a little different and yes, while its big and holds a lot of ice, it does look rather hideous. However, I am now a suburbanite so I am trying to fit in. I am trying to imagine myself at the beach next summer backing my truck up, opening up my back tailgate thingy (my truck is an SUV), opening the cooler with country music blarring in the background and letting out a big, "Yeee-haww!"

Okay, so I can't imagine that.

The ladies at church want me to bring it to the next big church swarray. Maybe it'll be a "church cooler" after all. Although the words Corona across the top might upset the non-teatotalers a bit.

Thanks for the birthday wishes though!

Matt said...

Happy Birthday and that's a slick bowling ball...At least you won something at bingo, the one time I played the same lady kept winning and winning and winning...I almost called the replay booth for a review...Hehehe