Monday, September 11, 2006

Spend, spend, buy, buy, buy

I think one of the reasons I buy so much 'stuff' is that I am exposed to all the stuff 'out there' via the internet. Take this printer for example, it is a monochrome laser printer for under $64. That has got to be the cheapest laser printer I've ever heard of! And, it's a Brother printer, one of the finest printer makers out there.

I checked the toner capacity, it'll print 2,500 pages per cartridge. Cartridges are $42 a piece which is cheaper than inkjet cartridges which generally run about $25 for 600 pages per cartridge. You can immediately see the reason why folks would go with a laser printer from the cost of cartridges alone. I mean, you'll need to purchase 4 inkjet cartridges to equal one cartride of this laser printer. Or, in 'Grandma speak' (she's the one in the family that saves money like no one else), that equals $100 in inkjet ink as compared to $42 for a laser cartridge.

For my printer at home, it would simply make sense in the long run; heck after I bought the printer and one additional ink cartridge, I could pay for the machine with what I'd spend in toner cartridges alone with my regular system.

You see, it is examples like this that make me want to 'spend, spend' and 'buy, buy, buy.'

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