Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Bowling Update

Oh my goodness, what a wonderful time I had last night (Tuesday) bowling. I met some great men and womyn (the blowling guidelines actually has women spelled that way, which is fine and cool and I totally honor and accept it).

I didn't play particularly well but I did get better as the evening progressed. Since it's been 30 years since I was on a bowling league (yup, that'd make me 10 years old), I had to remember what those dots are for at the beginning of the lane and find a decent weighted ball to throw. Once I found and had the courage to throw the pink ball, I found my accuracy. And, bowling in a gay league, the other bowlers were actually jealous that I found a pink ball to play with. I am telling you, I love the men and womyn already.

Okay, just so you know, by enrolling on a Tuesday night bowling league, I am exchanging one Tuesday night activity for another. Normally I go play Bingo or participate in karoke on Tuesday nights. They alternate each week. One week, Big Blanche calls the balls in Bingo and another week, Jeff and Kimberly lead in the karoke. Blanche is the drag queen that hosts the bingo game at Feathers, the local gay bar and dance club near me. However, seeing how it was 11:30pm after I got out of bowling, I decided to drop by and see Blanche and join in a few last minute Bingo games.

I did and guess what?! I won a DVD player. The last game of the night is the one with the bigger prizes (than just t-shirts, ball caps, and free drinks). The last game of bingo entails filling up the entire board. Whoever shouts Bingo! first, is the winner (assuming all the numbers were ticked off).

So my Tuesday night was pretty cool.

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