Thursday, September 28, 2006

Bigotry Isn't a Moral Virtue

Wayne Besen's article this week denounces those who want political correctness erased from speech and be allowed to say whatever they want about whoever they want. More specifically he's aiming his ire against religious leaders and few Republicans. Besen explains,

It seems that a decade of conservative rule has eroded basic rules of civility. What used to be called mutual respect is now derisively dismissed as “political correctness.” Social conservatives now feel unrestrained and increasingly believe they are entitled to say whatever they want, no matter how obnoxious, hurtful or offensive.

While many of us know outstandingly moral and kind Republicans, there are some who see their bigotry as a moral strength. Just read about the NARTH spokespersons who think we did the slaves a favor "rescuing them from Africa" or about a Georgia minister who sounds more like Fred Phelps.

To read Besen's article, go here.


Monk-in-Training said...

In politics these days Evangelical Christians are on the ascendant. They control most of the Republican party, which directly controls the entire Congress, the Presidency, and most Federal Judges are Republicans or appointed by Republican Presidents. One could say that more than almost anytime in it's history, America is a "Christian" nation.

So, the question for me, is how are Evangelicals using their new found power? Is the Church more spiritual, holy, living a vibrant Gospel or has it failed? Has the Church been seduced by Wealth and Power, and consumed with Lust for more? Do politicians that are supported by the Christian Right live open, holy lives? Sadly I think not. I see too many politicians living dark lives, full of hidden sins, while they openly proclaim faith in Jesus and preach against the very things they are doing. What I find amazing is that Conservative Christians shrilly complain at "secular leftists" but slyly wink at sinners in their own ranks, and trade spouses at a rate that makes most of those same "secular leftists" blush with shame. The hypocrisy of their lives, lived in front of their children is rasing up a generation of people that want nothing to do with organized Church of any kind!

Bo said...

Monk- I don't know too many politicians myself, most of what I find out about them I read online.

You do have a good point though; and I would add that the kind of Christian nation that we have become is not the kind of Christianity I like. Our national Christianity is more concerned with wealth and power than poverty and humility. It is more concerned with amassing great wealth at the expense of others. It is about justifying violence of all kinds, spiritual and physical.

Is it any wonder then that the world who hears our confession of Christ and sees how we demonstrate our faith would rather have nothing to do with the religion of our faith? And yet so many folks are hungry for something meaningful- so they turn to various forms of spirituality.

And I am thinking that often times the spirituality they find is either, another form of a deeper Christianity or a faith journey that is more satisfying. Sometimes their new journey is with Jesus, at other times its another religion altogether.

And who can blame them, right?