Monday, September 18, 2006

Woo-hoo! The Painters Are Done!

Finally! The painting inside and outside of the parsonage is complete. The painters came today and finished the bathrooms, painting the window sills on the back porch and the front pillars on my front porch. While it only took them two days to paint, the time from when they first began to the time when they came back to finish the job was excruciatingly long. But now, it's all done!

Now, there are only two things left to be done for the update to the parsonage to be complete:
1. A shower door for my downstairs bathroom
2. New wall-to-wall carpeting. The carpeting is at least 25 years old (from what I am told) and upstairs there is actually shag carpeting that must be a whole heck of a lot older than 25 years.

Anyways, my place is looking so nice. I am so thrilled at the generosity of the church to help make the parsonage look so nice.

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