Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Calling All Shop-a-holics!

Black Friday Ads has posted a listing of stores preparing to sell certain items for ridiculously low prices. Go here to see the list, slobber over the deals, and plan your attack.

*Update: This posting has changed somewhat after BestBuy threatened a lawsuit with Black Friday Ads over their posting of the deals and bargains at BestBuy. Black Friday Ads removed their listing. But to be fair, they had listed the following items that BestBuy will be selling: a 5 megapixel camera for $79, an eMachine computer with 15" LCD monitor and printer for $189, and an HP notebook computer for $379. There are even more and crazier deals listed.


Pastor Peters said...

Darling Bo, has NJ guided you down the evil path of consumerism? Techie or not, what are we teaching the families this Advent season?

I'm kidding (sorta). You should be blessed for braving any shopping experience on Black Friday. Yikes.


Bo said...

If only blaming NJ were enough- Black Friday has always been such a temptation that I usually go away and hide until it's over.

Thanks for writing though! It's fab to hear from you, dahhhling.