Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A New Perspective on an Old Problem

Here is an interesting column about the effects of heterosexual pornography. What used to be thought that porn would turn men into savage beasts as well as demeaning all women in the process, the author here says that in the age of the internet where porn is everywhere, today porn turns men off of living, breathing women who don't measure up. To quote the author, "Today, real naked women are just bad porn."

What strikes me with this column, as opposed to the old argument that porn objectifies women is that it makes sense that this thinking would actually cross into all sexual orientations. Porn eventually turns the porn watcher off of real relationships. And that is its greatest threat.


Joe G. said...

I've recently both read and heard that men who use pornography to masturbate on a regular basis find having sex with someone else a bit problematic.

It seems that the stimulation that men use while watching porn becomes the primary way (at least for awhile) to have an orgasm so that when they are actually with a partner, they have problems with impotency (because having sex with another literally doesn't feel the same way and the brain keeps signaling the penis that it isn't pleasurable enough). OOPS.

Ya know, sometimes we can have too much of a "good" thing! :)

Bo said...

I've read the same thing too, Joe. It makes me wonder if the time we spend alone can really have a greater detriment than spending it with others.

And, I am not just talking about sex. I think we may have been created to be in relationship with others--and that when we spend more time being alone than with others, we open ourselves up to many challenges.

Thanks for commenting and sharing your thoughts.