Monday, November 13, 2006

Down Memory Lane has a column on Fallen Religious Leaders that reads almost like a "where are they now?" VH1 special.

As I was scrolling through their list of fallen leaders to include not only the recently shamed Ted Haggard, but also Jim Bakker and Jimmy Swaggart, I found myself thinking, "Well, I do declare...!" when I read about Robert Tilton. If you lived anywhere in Oklahoma or Texas in the 1990s, you were familiar with this incredibly savvy tele-evangelist. Tilton was once a powerhouse of religious tele-evangelism and made roughly$80 million a year until a scandal blew up that exposed him for a charlatan.

I thought he'd disappeared but it looks like he's back and doing this thing in Florida. On this website, you'll see some pictures including the one in this post that explains Tilton's title of Sr. Pastor and "General Overseer." Such a title made me wonder if a 'general overseer' like something akin to a General Do-dad Thing-a-majig?

Go here to see his church website.


Joe G. said...

I completely forgot Tilton. Honestly, whenever there is yet another scandal I do wonder "whatever happened to..."

In case you're interested, Wikipedia has a good entry of the live and loves of Tilton, both then & now.

Bo said...

Thanks Joe for the Wikipedia recommendation. It is a fascinating read. It had details of Tilton's fall that I was completely unaware of.