Monday, November 27, 2006

Wisdom and a Vulgar Rant

I, of course, won't give you a vulgar rant (my mom reads my blog, you understand) but George Carlin will. You can watch his rant by going here. In it, he tells us who really controls America and he does so in his usual and funny way.

I actually quoted George Carlin yesterday in my Sunday sermon. It wasn't from this particular video but rather from something he wrote about irony that involved a diabetic getting run over by a truck carrying insulin. I tied that concept of irony into a sermon on Christ the King Sunday in which Jesus is killed because Pilate and the Jewish leaders misunderstood Jesus' intentions and his whole Kingdom of God concept that wasn't meant to take over Roman rule but to make life better for everyone. In a word, it's all irony.

What Carlin says in this particular video is a bit ironic in that we who live in America think we are getting what we want when in reality the only way for the system to work as its working is for us to THINK we're getting what we want when in reality, those who control us are getting what they want.

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