Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Art of TV Vegging

Moving to the suburbs, I was scared (and remain so) that I would be as bored as 'a frog on a log'. Leaving NYC where there is considerably more to do at any hour one wishes to do it, the suburbs of New Jersey are much quieter. In my town, everything except the one supermarket closes up at 8pm, and the supermarket closes at 9pm.

Fearing that I'd start poking myself with an icepick just for fun, I ordered the full package of cable tv (minus the premium channels, I am still as poor as a church mouse). And you know what? The tv is facinating and I can understand why so many people veg in front of it after a long day at work. I haven't yet mastered the art of vegging in front of the tv yet but I am working on it.

One way that I am learning the art of vegging is that I am finally getting interested in whatever is supposed to come on at a future time. I am even leaving myself notes that there will be a special on the History channel or, to remember to watch Evangelion on the Cartoon Network at 11:30pm on Thursdays (if you haven't seen this animae, you'll be blown away by it). And, Evangelion is part of the Cartoon Network's [Adult Swim] lineup of grown up cartoons. Unfortunately the Evangelion series played out but it is supposed to rerun soon. They are supposed to show the series (I am told) several times a year. (See, I am beginning to be a good tv veg already.)

And now I have a new show to watch. A&E is offerng a 5-part reality show about 4 young men who are at the time and place in their lives right before they need to make the final decision to become a Catholic priest and take their vow of celibacy. The show is called "God or the Girl" and it is supposed to chronicle four men, who are all in their mid-20s, optimistic about their futures, wear their hearts on their sleave, and from one commentary that I've read about the show, are incredibly annoying in their self-righteousness. Still, I think the show sounds very interesting and I can imagine myself being glued to the tv rather than standing in the kitchen with an ice pick in my hand.

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