Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Big Corporate Secret

Here is a follow up movie to 'What the Bleep' with many of the same quantum scientists as guests. In this movie, however, you'll find more 'spiritualists' explaining the secret, from theologians to mystics. It starts out like a Da Vinci Code movie but then goes into a documentary-like presentation. That presentation is equal parts 'Star Wars: the force', prosperity-like philosophy, New Age something-or-other, and 'very interesting stuff'.

The Big Corporate Secret

This movie was available on google's video. I watched it in its entirety and even posted a link here on my blog so you could watch it too. I am guessing someone put it up and shouldn't have (for copyright reasons) and it got pulled off the following day. I am actually updating this particular post to explain why the link doesn't work.

Still, you can view it once for $4.95, which I think is an interesting marketing campaign. Or you can buy the move. You can go to the website and figure out for yourself if you want to do it.

Anyways, I enjoyed the movie and found myself correlating some of the principles from my own faith tradition while at the same time worrying that some other principles were less than appeasing, especially the part about pursuing one's own happiness as the sole reason for our own existence. Still- the movie is providing a food for some hungry folks looking not only for meaning in life but, something our churches may not be providing: interconnectedness.

I guess this pursuit is gaining much ground in our lives. I read a book some time ago called The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho that talks about following your dreams and watching the world conspiring with you to achieve them. I loved the book and found it to be interesting. A lot of people would agree with me it seems, it's a worldwide bestseller.

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