Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A List

I have subscribed to an online personals thing. It it, you look at a profile in which a person describes themselves and what kind of person they are looking for. The following is how this one man describes himself and it's the only thing he has put in the 'About Me' section of his profile. I think it is priceless. I have removed one bullet because, well.. ahem.. my mom reads this blog:

1. I`ll laugh loudly, infectiously (sometimes at myself, sometimes at you)
2. I may have just spelled "infectiously" wrong and I care enough to comment on it
3. I`m a loyalist
4. I promise
5. I`m a part-time dreamer, full-time freedom fighter (not in the Bush the good way)
6. I believe life is music
7. I can take you up on triva on the topics of Madonna to the IMF to Steinbeck
8. I know how to french braid (it got my sister through 3rd grade)
9. I walk with purpose (even when I don`t have one)
10. I believe in forevers
11. I need constant affection to live
12. I have several tells
13. *********************************
14. Let the choir sing
15. I believe anything worth doing, is worth doing muchly and greatly
16. I`m sexually attracted to fire
17. I make lists when I`m too lazy to write a paragraph

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