Tuesday, June 27, 2006

He Just Doesn't Get It

"As you all very well know, marriage is under vicious attack now, I think from the forces of hell itself. And…I believe with that destruction of marriage will come the decline of Western civilization itself."

—Focus on the Family chairman James Dobson, speaking during his daily radio show, Family News in Focus, on May 30

What is so troubling by this comment (among other things) is that many people actually respect this man. To suggest that me and my friends are from the forces of hell itself because we advocate for gay marriage, makes me wonder what he thinks of those who destroy the environment, steal money from taxpayers, unfairly lobby Congresspersons, get rich off of the backs of the middle-class, send young men and women to their deaths in an unjustified war and use God-talk to justify wars, collateral damage, homelessness, and faulty constructed jetties and poor evacuation strategies from hurriances and other national disasters.

How come he doesn't talk about the affects on the family of the above evils? Why is 'gay marriage' such a unique threat to the American family? How does our American consumerism, both parents wanting more stuff, raising latchkey children, and a healthcare system where more than half the popluation doesn't have healthcare, how do these things affect marriage and the family? Why aren't capitalism and consumerism forces of hell? I think they destroy more families than any lesbian couple living in a small house in Colorado ever could.

I sometimes wonder when evangelical Christianity will ever speak to the real evils of society and actually make a difference for all of us in God's family, rather than only those select few who are going to heaven. This is the main trouble with pursuing a theocratic nation: only those who believe and pursue the Christian God of the most powerful are meant to enjoy and reap the benefits of a rich society. To those who do not hold to such a Christian political view, then the only reward a person can expect is to live off the breadcrumbs and 'common grace' produced by the ruling body. At least that is their aim. Fortunately for us, it'll never work out that way- they'll go on ranting and the real evil forces will continue to thrive, left unchecked to grow, consume, and ultimately destroy.

If only they could wake up in time to actually do some good for us all, then we could see some incredible change. Can you imagine what would happen if all the resources that are being spent against gay marriage could go into fighting hunger and poverty? Can you imagine what good could be accomplished if these religious non-profits urged their followers to conserve energy, recycle, and picket corporations who pollute the environment? Can you imagine the wealth of aid could go to those who are too poor to pay for basic medical care such as yearly physicals that would provide preventitive medical care? Can you imagine how the schools in poorer areas could prosper if evangelical conversatives could rally the senators and congresspersons for equal educational benefits? Can you image what could be accomplished if we attacked illiteracy in the name of Jesus? Or racism, in the name of Jesus?

So much good could be done if only those that have so much influence could only direct their attentions and financial aid to the things that really matter most instead of scapegoating gay and lesbian folk and blaming us for the anticipated fall of Rome. When Rome burns, it won't be because of Bruce and Tom's ceremonial marriage, it'll be because of forces far greater and far greedier than Dobson can imagine.

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